"Today, people are so disconnected that they feel they are blades of grass, but when they know who their grandparents and great-grandparents were, they become trees, they have roots, they can no longer be mowed down.

-Maya Angelou, poet, actress, author, director;
on Oprah show, January 2003

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All About Me (kids) A wonderful book all in color for elementary children to complete, answering fascinating questions about them. Records personal details from birth, through life at school, to hopes for the future. 24pp. illus. Ideals Children's Books, 1992.
Our Family Tree Print A beautiful 16in x 20in print that allows five generations of family genealogy to be displayed. Printed on antique-style recycled paper, this Victorian-inspired decorative print is one that any family would proudly display. The illustrated borders are closely based on mid-19th century sources.

Adam G. Mignanelli

Recollections is a life story writing service that will take the work out of recalling and writing your family stories. Let an experienced personal historian assist you in producing your own unique and creative memory book - from a collection of vignettes to a full-length memoir.

We have all heard someone say, "I wish I had known her better" or "I wish I could go back and ask him about his life". Capturing our personal stories is about life - and producing life story legacies through books or videos is a priceless gift that brings families together and enhances lives for generations to come.

Recollections can assist you in creating a keepsake memory book of your own family stories and special events. Celebrate a wedding, anniversary, graduation or similar special occasion with a lasting chronicle of remembered stories, photographs and other family treasures.

Recollections offers many personal touches - a skilled listener, questions designed to provoke memory, lots of room for inclusion of photographs and memorabilia, audio and video tape add-ons and many choices of binding, from simple booklet to custom hand-crafted cover.

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